What is Data Privacy Week?

This is an international effort to create awareness about digital privac, and how it is being used and sometimes exploited by businesses. The cause advocates respecting the privacy of individuals, and for businesses to be more transparent about how they handle user data.

Why is business analysis important?

Business Analysis plays a vital role in every organisation. Analysing business requirements, creating proper documentation, identifying areas for process improvement and organisational change, strategic planning and developing various policies that drive an organisation towards a better future are observed as the most common solutions.

Why strategise???

A strategic plan increases transparency, which helps build trust and eliminate ambiguity–both inside the organisation and among key stakeholders. Strategic planning done well is beneficial because it creates more opportunities for collaboration across teams.

A history of Business Intelligence - origins...

The first use of the term “business intelligence” is widely attributed to Mr. Richard Miller Devens, in his book Cyclopædia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes, first published in 1865. He used it to describe how Sir Henry Furnese, a successful banker, profited from information by actively gathering and acting on it before his competition.